Friday, November 19, 2010

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! (1)

So I was going to do a post about rejection (in all its many forms), but I’m feeling pretty damn huggy this week, so I’m going to instead do some Now We’re Talking2 (aka Now We’re Talking With Jodi3) shout outs. Word!

First of all, Now We’re Talking4 shout outs to each and every one of you who have stopped by, shared a link, made a comment and showed unfathomable support and love. I am touched and humbled.

A Now We’re Talking5 shout out to the ultra-fabulous Halifax Broad. This super-talented graphic designer by day and blogger by night (or vice versa) talked about (and expanded beautifully upon) the Kegel Pole-ka™ in her amazing blog and I’m sure is responsible for the handful of new followers I have who are not my friends or relatives! Yay! People I don’t know! Now YOU are my friends too!

Another Now We’re Talking6 shout out to the organizers of and participants in the MSVU Celebration of Writing. After all my angst, I ended up having a fantastic time. My panelmates, Jon Tattrie and Jan Morrison, were particularly charming and clever, and I sat front and centre to listen to the lovely and delightful Sheree Fitch's keynote address. (I laughed. I cried. I’m not proud.) During the panel, Sheree7 and a few awesome buddies of mine were kind enough to ask me questions that made me feel like a real writer, rather than the poser I am on most days. Now, someone may burst my delusions of grandeur, but I believe I didn’t make a complete fool of myself. And sometimes that’s all you can hope for in this world.

So the next time someone calls and asks you to do something waaaay outside your comfort zone, try saying yes. You might have fun!8

That's quite enough treacly sweetness for today. I promise a funny post when this insanely busy week is over. Plus all this happiness—well, let’s just say I’m funnier when I’m agitated, so I’ll work on that.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated topic (*cough*), did I mention my in-laws are staying with us for two weeks? *whistlesasherassgetskickedoutofStarbucksafterbeingthereforsixhours*

Mwah! Now we’re talking!9

1. Those are kisses, in case you didn’t know. Onomatopoeia is not a strong suit for me. Nor are metaphors and symbolism. And here I fancy myself a writer. HA!

2. Shameless whoring of self/Now We’re Talking to search engines, part 1.

3. Shameless whoring of self/Now We’re Talking to search engines, part 2.

4. Shameless whoring of self/Now We’re Talking to search engines, part 3.

5. OK—last one. I swear.

6. I lie like a rug. Better for you to find out now, don’tcha think?

7. Who thinks I’m funny, by the way.

8. Hey Susan D. Rushdie, you can come out of hiding again! Mwah! to you too! Thanks!

9. Jodi Reid... carrying a joke too far... (David Spade voice)


Heather said...

I love that you have used the word treacly in your blog. I may have to work it into a sentence this week. Best of luck with the in-laws' visit. I feel your pain ;-) Buy lots of alcohol -- it may help. Hugs!!! (I felt the need in honour of your huggy feelings today).

Jodi R. said...

Hugs right back atcha Hedder! Yes, I foresee alcohol in my future - in-laws or not!

Heidi said...

As one of your new blog followers, I just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying your posts. : -) I was one of the audience members at the Mount this week and found you funny and engaging and, when I got home, added your blog to my Reader. Thanks for being part of the day!

Jodi R. said...

Thanks Heidi - you just made my day (/week/month!)! Welcome!

Are you a writer?

Susan said...

Thanks for calling off the fatwa. (Is that the kind of word that gets moderated out of comments??)

I'll send you the physiotherapist's bill for the work I've had done to repair the damage from looking over my shoulder all these weeks.

Susan D. Rushdie

Anonymous said...

Thought I would comment and say neat theme, did you make it for yourself? It's really awesome!

Jodi R. said...

Thanks Anonymous!

I did not make up the theme myself - it's just one I hunted around Blogspot to find. Actually, I found the background and then I chose all the fonts, colours, etc. I love purple.

A friend thinks I should get a custom design for the site - something funny and clever. I might consdier it if I ever get more regular with my blogging. Maybe I need some blog bran...

Thanks for commmenting!